Fundraising tips for SIPPERS!

So you’ve just signed up to become a SIPPER this #sipweek! AWESOME - Thankyou!

For some of us, fundraising can be a little bit daunting. Perhaps it’s your first time, or maybe you are a seasoned professional. Fundraising can be easy and great fun. Often we find our fundraisers are happily surprised at just how many people appreciate what they are doing to help find a cure for paralysis and want to help.

Here are our top ten tips on how to fundraise for SIP Week!

SIP to find a cure for spinal cord injury from the 3rd – 9th September 2018

1. Personalise your Fundraising Page today!

So you have made the first step to SIP – by setting up your own unique fundraising page. The more time you have to fundraise, the more money you will raise. Personalise your page – make sure you add a picture of yourself (sipping of course), update your story and tell your supporters why you are SIPPING and what your supporters can expect of you!  

2. Don't be shy! SHARE!

Let your friends and family know what you’re up to, share your link via email, text message, your Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Make it easy for them and always provide the direct link to your fundraising page. If you start early, you’ll have time to follow up people who are busy and promise to donate at a later date. Use our template below as a guide.

3. Donate to Yourself First

By donating to yourself first, you are not only going to kick start your fundraising campaign, you are showing everyone that you care about finding a cure for spinal cord injury. It won’t be long before your friends and family are following suit.  Donate the amount that you would like your friends and family to donate – lead by example and make a strong first start.

4. Get Personal - Ask your Close Friends and Family First

Send a personalised email or message to your family and friends. Let them know that you’ve decided to SIP to support the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation. Don't forget to use a fun photo of you sipping. There are some examples further down the page. Take these and personalise it. Your family and friends are usually the most generous, plus they’ll help spread the word about the challenge you’ve taken on. For the people you know really well, you could also ask them to send the email onto their friends too – you’ll be amazed at who wants to support you! Don’t be afraid to follow up!  REMEMBER: people are busy. It never hurts to send a friendly reminder follow-up email, Facebook message or call, to those who mentioned they wanted to donate but haven’t yet.

5. Make it All About You

Your friends and family WANT to support you. We all love to make a difference and feel good after we’ve done it. Tell them WHY you’re passionate about the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, and how important it is to find a cure.

Share your own personal experience or Perry’s inspiring story. Post blogs, photos, status updates and notes about why you’re passionate about supporting PCSRF and finding a cure. Share why YOU are connected to the cause – and people will get connected to it too!

6. Friends Always Make It More Fun! 

Everything is more fun with friends! Grab your friends, family, your sports club, your mothers group, your workmates, classmates, church, youth group, Uni society or local community group and get them to SIP with you at a morning tea, lunch or afterwork party! You’ll have a HEAP of fun, plus raise lots more money than if you did it on your own – and that’s what we call a win-win! We will be more than happy to post you a SIP pack with straws, posters, stickers and coasters to help with your event.

7. Set a SIP Week schedule

What are you going to do for the week, with who and where?  Tell your friends and family in advance what you are doing, and invite them to come along to support you? 

For example:

Monday 3rd September – join me for brunch at Tedder Avenue, and we can all sip on our lattes through a straw!
Wednesday 5th September - 10am – I will be #SIPPING my morning coffee at Starbucks!

8. Sharing Is Caring, right? SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram a #SIPselfie, Text It, write a letter ‘old school’ it – do whatever you need to – just share it. Let your friends know that you are a SIPPER and nominate them to take a #SIPselfie and donate to Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation to help SIP for a cure. Change your profile photo on Facebook to one of you sipping. Take random #SIPselfies and post to social media.

Document ALL of your sipping in photographs, and post them online, both on social media and on your Everyday Hero page in the blog! Make sure you tag them with #SIPweek and #SIPselfie so we can track your SIPPING adventures. 

9. Double the Impact! 

Have you thought of asking your boss if your company or organisation will match your donations? Perhaps they would consider getting behind your efforts by matching the donations received during SIP week dollar for dollar. All contributions are tax deductible and are a great way to recognise your efforts and promote a sense of community responsibility in the workplace. Get in touch if you would like an example letter you can send to the boss!


This is SO important! Once you’ve received a donation make sure you send out a personalised thank you through your fundraising page, its very interactive, share it on Facebook or email to the person that donated. Take a special #SIPselfie to include in your thankyou, whatever you do, just make sure they know you are grateful. We have some awesome “thank you” images in our toolkit that you can post in your blog on your page or Facebook and tag your donors in. These will make your supporters feel the love, plus be a neat little reminder for your other friends and family to donate to your campaign too – awesome! 


Some Example emails to your family and friends:

Example email 1

Dear friends,

I have been a supporter of Perry Cross for many years, and I am constantly inspired by his mission to find a cure for spinal cord injury.  This September (now known as SIPtember!)  I have decided to join Perry and SIP week, where I pledge to drink every drink I drink, every coffee, every lemonade and every beer through a straw, and I need your help!

Every day in Australia, through spinal cord injury, one life is changed forever.  The impacts of spinal cord injury are usually life long and devastating. I want to make a difference and help find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Please sponsor me on (insert personalised link) and help us find a cure paralysis for all.


Example email 2

Dear (insert name)

Please help me raise $1000 for Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation this September when I pledge to drink EVERY SINGLE drink I drink, through a straw.  That's right, every cup of tea, every orange juice, every coffee, every water, every beer – THROUGH A STRAW!  And I would love for you to join me!  Here are the ways you can help:

  1. Sign up and join me as a SIPPER at
  2. Sponsor me – here is my page (insert personalised link)

I hope that one day, we can find a cure for spinal cord injury, and with your help, we are one step closer – THANK YOU!

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